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Create HTML Code

The "Create HTML Code" window allows you to automatically create HTML code of your buttons. You can even choose optional mouse-over and mouse-down effects.

Just choose the button image, and optionally, the images you wish to use as mouse-over and mouse-down, and click on the "Create" button to generate the HTML code needed to display the button.

The Preview box will show you a preview of the button, and you can move your mouse over the button, to see the mouse over effect.

When finished, click on the "Copy" button to copy the HTML-code to your clipboard, or click on the "Save" button to save an HTML file with the code.

Note: You can also generate Javascript code that will automatically load the button images into memory, so that when a user visits your web page, and holds the mouse above your button, the mouse-over image will change instantly, without needing to be loaded.

To get more information about the program and its features, visit Button Shop.