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Mask Designer

The Mask Designer allows you to customize the generated passwords.

The tag list in the middle of the window shows in clear text, what the added mask tags will do, and in what order.

Use the Add Mask Tag window to add tags. The Tag List above shows the order which the masks will be applied. Use the buttons next to the list to add new tags, remove tags, clear all tags, and move the tags up or down. You can also click on the Preview button to see a preview of the passwords made from the mask.

If you e.g. need to generate passwords that look like this, AH642167, where the first two letters are upper-case letters, and the last 6 are digits, you first need to add the tag "Random Letters" where you check to only use upper-case alphabet characters with a size of 2. Then add a new "Random Letters" tag, where you check to only use numbers, with a size of 6.

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