File Renamer Turbo

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Fix File Names

Often your files have names that are too long, have the wrong case, use _ instead of real spaces or are otherwise badly formatted.

These and a host of other problems can be fixed easily with File Renamer Turbo.

Here are a few examples:

Too long names: You can use the "Trim" and "Trim Between" filters to remove characters from long file names. You can also use the "Find & Replace" filter to replace something like "photo_long_holiday_trip_to_the_bahamas_image_number_XX" into "Bahamas Photo No. XX".

Wrong casing: Very simple to fix; use the "Capitalize Text" filter. It has all the options you need to suit your demands.

Wrong spaces: Use the "Find & Replace" filter to replace e.g. every "_" with " ", or every "-" with " - ".

Other useful filters include "Insert Leading Zeros", "Remove Spaces", "Remove Duplicate Characters", and many more!

To get more information about the program and its features, visit File Renamer Turbo.