File Renamer Turbo

Rename multiple files & folders and tag your music library
in one batch with this powerful file renamer software.


Organize Your Files

Organizing your music, images or videos manually often takes hours or days. File Renamer Turbo will do this for you in just seconds!

Simply drag your files into the program and use the "Move Files & Folders" filter. Lets say you want to try this with your MP3 files. All you need to do is to select the "Move Files & Folders" filter. You can choose to move the files to a specific folder, or append a new folder to the files' current location. Next, you will have access to all ID3 fields in the file. This means you can choose to put all your files in, say, "C:\Music\artist-name\album-name\". Press "Rename", and File Renamer Turbo will organize all files according to the ID3 tags!

The exact same operation can be performed on images and videos. In this case, instead of using ID3 tags, you can choose to name files and folders after several different values, including image file-type, image size, image colors, video resolution, video bitrate, and many more!

To get more information about the program and its features, visit File Renamer Turbo.