Password Manager Deluxe

Protect your private information. Let Password Manager Deluxe keep
your passwords safe.


Some of the many uses of Password Manager Deluxe

Secure password database
Password Manager Deluxe stores your information in a secure, internal database. You can easily organize this database into groups, e.g. "Passwords", "Pin-Codes", "License keys" etc. You can also use the quick-search to retrieve a password whenever you need it.

Multiple user databases
Several people can use Password Manager Deluxe on the same computer. Each user can have their own personal database with their own passwords, inaccessable to others.

Fast login to webpages
With Internet Explorer and Firefox, you don't have to type in the username and password when logging into a web page. Just drag the username and password from Password Manager Deluxe into the online form to log in.

Backup and export possibilities
Password Manager Deluxe can make automatic backup copies of all your databases. You can also copy your database onto a removable device, such as a USB memory stick or floppy disk. In addition, you can export your database to HTML, XML, CSV and Text files.

Protect external files
In addition to passwords and other information, you can add files to Password Manager Deluxe, and have these protected as well! All passwords and files will be protected using the strong U.S. government approved 256-bit AES/Rijndael encryption.