Save time and improve your photos and images at the same time
by just right-clicking on the images in Windows.


Image Converter by Kristanix Software

Quick and easy-to-use image converter and photo enhancer!

Don't waste time manually processing or converting your images. Convert between image formats with just two clicks, directly from Windows! With ImageBadger, you can also improve your images with a wide range of filters, like resize, rotate, brightness, etc.

You will get back the low cost of ImageBadger within hours, from all the time you will save. Why waste hours or days doing something ImageBadger can do for you within seconds?

Whether you want to improve your family photos, or get an edge on your competition, ImageBadger is the ideal solution. When a batch of images need to be enhanced, converted or processes, the Badger will do the job without hassle!


  • Convert images in just 2 clicks from the Windows right-click menu.
  • Easily batch convert thousands of images in a snap.
  • Quickly resize and rotate images.
  • Supports over 40 image filters, like resize, rotate, color resolution, flip, crop, blur and more.
  • Supports over 70+ image formats.
  • Everything can be used in command line mode as well.
  • And more!

Previously called Right Click Image Converter, ImageBadger is a cutting-edge image converter and processing program.